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Intelligent, sophisticated and efficient production process management

Through deep understanding of market demand, production process technology and on-site environment, Riyadh Electric can match intelligent technology with customer needs, which can better meet customers' refined needs for products, and optimize process management to improve production efficiency for customers, Improve corporate competitiveness.

Professional, complete and leading system solutions

Proficient in R & D and exploration of technology and products, and has won a number of provincial and ministerial scientific and technological progress awards. Hundreds of sets of electrical automation products have been successfully run in major mines and power bases. They have accumulated rich system operation experience and can provide customers with Provide system solutions with advanced technology and optimized design.

Innovative, safe and convenient product application experience

Riyadh's electrical technology team goes deep into the production environment with complex environments. It adapts to the enterprise and the time, and provides customers with personalized customization, continuous product innovation and system upgrade exploration, to create electrical operations with convenient operation, stable system operation, and convenient and fast maintenance. Automation products.

High-quality, value-for-money, unforgettable full-track tracking service

Riyadh Electric has a professional technical service team, and has established a complete set of customer service guarantee solutions. The cloud service technology center that is being prepared will combine the Internet and technical services to solve the production and operation obstacles for the first time, for the safety of customers. , Stable and continuous production provides effective guarantee.

  • Datang


    Datang North First Power Plant Zhou Yuan

    Hu Pengjun, a project engineer in Engineering Technology Department 2, joined the Riyadh family in Xi'an in June 2017. Since joining the company for more than a year, he has dedicated most of his time to several projects in Xinjiang, Jiuhua Tian ...

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  • Chicheng Coal Mine

    Chicheng Coal Mine

    Huating Coal Industry Group Co., Ltd. Chicheng Coal Mine

    This morning, Riyadh Electric received a special letter-a letter of praise to the construction unit. Ran Pengcheng, the project manager of the engineering technology department of our company, came to Huating Coal Industry alone on June 28, 2017 ...

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  • Sinosteel Fuquan Mining

    Sinosteel Fuquan Mining

    China Steel Fuquan Mining Co., Ltd.

    The use of Riyadh's electrical equipment has brought great convenience to our company's mining and manufacturing. Special thanks to cooperation with Riyadh ...

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  • Willow alley

    Willow alley

    Liu Xiang Zhang Hong

    Liuxiang Engineering said that the company's engineering technology is particularly professional and willing to cooperate with it for a long time. ...

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  • Yulin


    Yulin Nonferrous Power Plant

    This company has a professional team, and the team leader is in charge of directing operations, and it is safe to cooperate with the company.

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  • Big Buddha Temple

    Big Buddha Temple

    Dafosi Mining Company

    The hoist is one of the major safety equipments in a mine. Its performance is not only directly affecting the production efficiency of the mine, but also affecting the production safety of the mine.

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